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The pwnage that is my job - Da Crazy Universes in Cly's Head
Stay on the marked path or you'll never get back...
The pwnage that is my job
It is pwning my ass worse than Mavarahk pwned that damned hunter. So, this belf hunter is trying his damnedest to kill Mav, and well, think i killed him 5 for every 1 he manged to get me. But I respect him. He was lvl 69 and I'm lvl 66. It was fun.

But yeah, blah, life is........ um.............................. life. I'm breathing, that's pretty much what I'm thankful for right now.

*sigh* Stress is killin me. I'm trying not to let it, but damn I almost broke yesterday. But I'll just lift my head and keep on treading this never ending hell of an existance until it reaches its end, whenever that might be.

Til then, I'll keep pwning ass in PvP and having my ass pwned by work. At least I'm making some interesting friends. At least 3 males I've met lately have offered to help me make my new place more.... inviting. Gonna be fun times.

Current Location: Standing on the edge of a dream
Current Music: Rough Sex- Lords of Acid

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