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What a ride! - Da Crazy Universes in Cly's Head
Stay on the marked path or you'll never get back...
What a ride!
Seriously, I haven't written in like, years, I think. I can't believe this journal is still here. I read through it and I'm like, "What?" XD Wow.

Let's see. Got over my angst of bullshitting pricks. Think that was my last entry. Lost my guard job over more bullshitting pricks. Got on unemployment and went back to college for Automotive. More bullshitting pricks. Played WoW all that time... see previous sentence.

And then, out of all the shit and stupidity and cruelty and heart breaks, there was Christian. Quiet on vent, soft spoken, shy, really sweet. Got to know him through all the BS going on at the time, and now we are happily ever after. He moved out from Michigan to be with me.

Dropped out of college again. 3rd time now. Trying so hard to get a more stable job. *sighs* No longer playing WoW. Played Rift a bit, then Hellgate, then DDO and just can't do it anymore. I'm too intent on getting my books finished and published because I think that's the only thing that will get me the money! I suck at just about everything else.

Check out my stories! http://storiesonline.net/auth/Cly Seriously, you'll like them. Especially if you like Sci-fi, fantasy, and little bit of eroticism thrown in for flavor. My stories are actual stories with sex in them. I don't write with flowers in my teeth. When you've got a male and female together, they are gonna fuck most of the time, especially in the kinds of situations my characters find themselves in. So if you like aliens and dragons and furries (not necessarily all together), then check it out!

Anyways, I'm off for now. Now that I've rediscovered this, I might start writing here more often again. Who knows.

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